Elements of Episodic Memory

Clarendon Press, 1983 - 351 páginas
Charles Lee Emerson cannot take credit for authoring this great work HE SHALL BE CALLED. If you go to their website at: TheVillageCarpenter.info you can read about The Village Carpenter. God has opened his eyes to the lack in many churches. Many people today are simply "Playing Church." They are under a "Curse of Religious Spirits" or "Religiosity." Charles ministers in churches, in speaking engagements and in his writings to impart the end-time truth that "God is who He says He is!" And "God will do what He said He will do!" The purpose of this writing is to prove "WHO GOD IS."Charles has written many poems published on the World Wide Web. He lives in a home at Indian Lake, Lakeview, Ohio USA. He has two wonderful Sons and has gained two wonderful Daughters plus seven wonderful Grand Children. Amen. Hallelujah!

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Study of memory
Inchoate distinction
Debate about memory
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