Waverley Novels ...: Kenilworth

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Black, 1853
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Page 128 - Cinoper; I know all. — This fellow, captain, Will come, in time, to be a great distiller, And give a say — I will not say directly, But very fair — at the philosopher's stone.
Page 10 - The oaks were shatter'd on the green ; Woe was the hour — for never more That hapless Countess e'er was seen ! And in that Manor now no more Is cheerful feast and sprightly ball ; For ever since that dreary hour Have spirits haunted Cumnor Hall. The village maids, with fearful glance Avoid the ancient moss-grown wall ; Nor ever lead the merry dance Among the groves of Cumnor Hall. Full many a traveller oft hath sigh'd, And pensive wept the Countess' fall, As wandering onwards they've espied The...
Page 145 - I have nothing to say to that," answered the messenger ; "my orders are directly from her Majesty, and concern this...
Page 147 - It is no longer mine," said Walter; "when your majesty's foot touched it, it became a fit mantle for a prince, but far too rich a one for its former owner.
Page 8 - Mong rural beauties I was one ; Among the fields wild flow'rs are fair ; Some country swain might me have won, And thought my beauty passing rare. " But, Leicester (or I much am wrong), Or 'tis not beauty lures thy vows, Rather ambition's gilded crown Makes thee forget thy humble spouse. " Then, Leicester, why, again I plead (The...
Page 143 - It was even so. The royal barge, manned with the Queen's watermen, richly attired in the regal liveries, and having the banner of England displayed, did indeed lie at the great stairs which ascended from the river, and along with it two or three other boats for transporting such part of her retinue as were not in immediate attendance on the royal person.
Page 146 - Go to the wardrobe-keeper, and he shall have orders to supply the suit which you have cast away in our service. Thou shalt have a suit, and that of the newest cut, I promise thee, on the word of a princess."
Page 137 - Chance, the which all mortal things doth sway, But that thereby doth find and plainly feel, How Mutability in them doth play Her cruel sports to many men's decay.
Page 209 - When she smiled, it was a pure sunshine, that every one did choose to bask in, if they could ; but anon came a storm, from a sudden gathering of clouds, and the thunder fell, in a wondrous manner, on all alike.
Page 144 - Unbonneting at the same time, he fixed his eager gaze on the queen's approach, with a mixture of respectful curiosity, and modest yet ardent admiration, which suited so well with his fine features, that the warders, struck with his rich attire and noble countenance, suffered him to approach the ground over which the queen was to pass, somewhat closer than was permitted to ordinary spectators.

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