Letters to a Young Lawyer

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West Publishing Company, 1912 - Lawyers - 193 pages

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Page 78 - Nome, blowing on his fingers to keep them warm, and conning the statutes of the District. Well, I found in Chicago that many young men who were maintaining offices, and to all appearances were practicing law, had some other kind of refuge. Numbers of them were working night shifts in the post of[80] LETTERS TO A YOUNG LAWYER fice.
Page 191 - If you are in love, get married as soon as you can get enough to pay for the license. Don't try to carry on a strenuous love affair and build up a law practice at the same time. It would kill Hercules.
Page 73 - Emerson, among the very many fine thoughts which he expounded, has one to the effect that, if a man is truly competent in his particular sphere of work, the world, always anxious to obtain the best, will beat a pathway to his door.
Page 78 - I would go to some place where I could. A true lawyer has something of the artist spirit. He must practice law or rust to death. If he is starved out in New York, you will find him sitting on an iceberg in Nome, blowing on his fingers to keep them warm, and conning the statutes of the District.
Page 90 - I guess to get onto the ropes." "Get onto the ropes!" the Dean snapped. "Get onto the ropes! Some pretty poor ropes you'll get onto. Go out and make your own ropes.
Page 80 - You will feel fresh and strong for study and work. The agent for the big corporation may never find you out; but then that will be to your advantage, after all. Not that I believe that the corporations are looking for dishonest men, or for men who can teach them how to evade the law. The people must make bogeys of something.
Page 9 - I have preached to you as worthy is the kind which enables you with fine inward calm to look unshrinkingly into the searching eye of To-morrow.
Page 90 - I believe that, after three years of the drilling a man gets here, he ought to be able to go and work out his own salvation." In all the world, there is no experience just like the kind a man gets in his own law office. The law clerk prepares a complaint, knowing that his employer is going over it...
Page 84 - LAWYER make it impossible for you to get results, even if you start filing complaints the very first day you open your office; that is, you cannot get your money out of the cases for months. I will not say that money will flow to the man who opens in a small town just as soon...
Page 73 - ... door. When once it becomes known that a man is truly able, he will not have to go to the largest market and hawk his wares from door to door. The buyer will come to him.

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