The Channel Islands

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Page 425 - Serk, that doth attend Her pleasure every hour ; as Jethow, them at need, With pheasants, fallow deer, and conies that dost feed : Ye seven small sister isles, and Sorlings, which to see The half-sunk seaman joys ; or whatsoe'er you be, From fruitful Aurney, near the ancient Celtic shore, To Ushant and the Seams, whereas those nuns of yore Gave answers from their caves, and took what shapes they please : Ye happy islands set within the British seas, With shrill and jocund shouts, th...
Page 107 - The great peculiarity of the bay is the succession of noble and picturesque caverns, and deep narrow fiords alternating with rocky reefs projecting for some distance into the sea. These are continued far beyond the lowest tide, extending, indeed, to the extremity of Cape Grosnez, under which is the last cavern. It is difficult to state the number of caverns in the bay with precision. Six may be visited in succession at all times except near highwater, and all are strikingly picturesque.
Page 27 - ... second small patch, quarried near the top of the cliff, and seen reaching the sea. Afterwards there is nothing but naked and rough granite and porphyry. Wonderfully broken and precipitous are the cliffs thus formed. Many of them are quite vertical, either to the sea or to very small bays, where the water is seen foaming and boiling in the most extraordinary manner. From one headland to another — round great hollow depressions, where the granite is soft and decomposing — along parts of the...
Page 389 - Castle, for beds, candles, fire for the soldiers, and divers other disbursements, amounting to above thirty thousand pounds. But what grieved the island most, being an evil undeserved, was the filling it with soldiers, though for seven years before, by the mercy of God, and the faithful endeavours of some active inhabitants, they had preserved themselves and the island in obedience to Parliament ; and when the king was put to death, and his party and interests were brought low in England, there was...

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