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Abbey, ancient, in Chaussey Islands,


Acalephæ of the Channel Islands, 239.
Actinolite, abundance of in Sark, 264.
Acts of Parliament, how they affect the
Channel Islands, 532.

Administration of justice in the Channel
islands at an early period, 356.
Advocates, number of, practising in the
islands, 531.

Advowsons in the islands belong to the
Crown, 542.

Ætius (Roman consul), his treatment
of the Britons, 315.

Agricultural Society of Jersey, and of
Guernsey, 556.

Agriculture of the Channel Islands,

Alani, the migrations of this tribe, 316.
Alder, Mr. J., his assistance acknow-
ledged, 214, 218, 219.

Alderney, high water at, 9; general ac-
count of, 19; notice of the cliffs of,
19, 20, 27; parish church, 29; cli-
mate, 155; remarkable insects, 225;
geology of, 266; its sand-stone com-
pared with the Jersey conglomerates,
274; raised beach in, 280; antiqui-
ties of, 413; Roman remains in, 429;
derivation of its name, 452; soil of,
464; manure in, 468; size of farms
in, 476; cows of, 480; independent
legal existence of, 519; its governing
body, 521; account of its law court,
536; its militia, 553; money, 563;
measures, 564.

Algæ, or sea-weeds of the Channel
Islands, 191.

Aloes, flowering, at Valnor, Guernsey,
491; abundance of, in the islands,

Altars, identity of cromlechs with, 412.
American War, attempt on Jersey by

the French during the, 390; priva-
teering carried on then from the
Channel Islands, 400.

Amirauté, the Court so called, 534.
Amphipodous crustaceans of the Chan-
nel Islands, 234.

Analysis of soils, 461; of sea-weed,

Anchors in Jersey, made of stones, 511.
Ancient weapons and implements, 327;
group of pottery, 415.
Ancresse, see L'ANCRESSE.
Angular fragments, accumulation of, in
a fissure in Guernsey, 291.
Animal life, abundance of, in Skar, 73.
Animals of the Channel Islands, 200;
summary of species, 246.

Anne, Queen, privateering commenced
during her reign, 397.

Anne Port, Jersey, 98; cromlech at,

Annelids of the Channel Islands, 236.
Antiquities and Archæology of the is-
lands, 408.

Antoninus, his Itinerary quoted, 427,

Appeal of Ha! Ro! 539.

Apples, cultivation of in the islands, 487;
trade in, 507.
'Approbation des Lois,' the book so
called, 532.

Apricot, cultivation of in Guernsey,


Archæology and Antiquities, 408.
Arched rocks in Alderney, 26.

Archirondelle Tower, Jersey, 99, 352.
Architecture, church, 29, 57, 119, 548;
town, 549.

Ardents the, rocks so called, 124.
Area, of sea including the Channel Is-
lands, 5; occupied by the principal
groups of the Channel Islands, 16;
of Guernsey, 37; of Jersey, 92.
Armorica, the country so named in an-
cient times, 310, 315.
Arnold, Mr., his manufacture of iodine
in Guernsey, 514.

Arrest, law of, in the islands, 538.
Arrowroot, manufacture of, in Guernsey,

Artemidorus quoted by Strabo in refe-
rence to Channel Islands supersti-
tions, 424.

Associations, literary, 556.

Austen, Mr. Godwin, his remarks on
the geology of the Channel Islands,
260, 272.

Autel de Dehus, Guernsey, 428.
Autelets, Sark, 76, 80, 264, 287.
Autumn, the best season to visit the
Channel Islands, 12; temperature
during, 138; flowers blossoming in,

'Avocat de la Reine,' the officer so called
in Jersey, 525.


Babington, Professor, his work on the
botany of the Channel Islands, 166,

Bacchic orgies of the Channel Islands,

Bacchus and bacchanals, their repre-

sentatives in the islands, 424.

Bailiff, the, his office in the islands, 524.
Bailiwick of Guernsey, extent of, 519.
Bandinell, Dr., Dean of Jersey, his at-
tempt to anglicise the church in Jer-
sey, 367.

Bank notes current in the islands, 563.
Banks, savings and penny, 557.
Baptists in the Channel Islands, 405.
Barbican, Castle Cornet, Guernsey, 479.
Barilla, collectors of, on the Chaussey
Islands, 129; manufacture of, 513.
Barnacles, species of, found in the is
lands, 231.

Barnouic, plateau de, 124.

Barometer, record of observations of,
141, 150.

Barometer and other instruments, ac-
count of those used in Dr. Hoskins'
meteorological observations in Guern-
sey, 133.

Battle, naval, fought off Guernsey in
the reign of Edward III., 359.
Bays of Guernsey, 44; of Jersey, 94.
Beau Port, Jersey, 113, 307.

Beau Sejour, Guernsey, 58; camellias
at, 497.

Bec du Nez, Guernsey, 45; Sark, 80.
Bee, leaf cutter, its habits, 225.
Beetles of the Channel Islands, 224.
"Billet d'Etat," its meaning, 527.
Birds of the Channel Islands, 203.
Bishop, the, how his authority was
exercised in the fourteenth century,

Bishop of Coutances, termination of
his power as Metropolitan in 1656,


Bishops, various, to whom the islands
have been subject, 365.
Bissets rocks, Guernsey, 50.
Bivalve shells of the Channel Islands,
account of, 217.

Black rat, common in some of the Chan-
nel Islands, 201.

Blake, Commander of the Parliamentary
forces, attack on Jersey by, 385.
Blown sands, 110, 294, 462.
Bon Air, Guernsey, view of, 45.
Bonne Nuit, Jersey, 103; cherts and
hornstones there, 271.

Bordeaux Harbour, Guernsey, 53.
Botany of the Channel Islands, 165.
Bottom of the sea around the Channel
Islands, 6.

Boulders, at Saie Harbour, Jersey, 275;
derived from the conglomerate rock,
Jersey, 292; of decomposed syenite
in Alderney, 293.

Bouley Bay, Jersey, 100, 102; view of,

Bouquet, see DOM BOUQUET.
Boutiques caverns, Sark, 79.
Bowden, inveigles the commissioners on
board his ship, 377.

Bowerbank, Dr., his account of the
Channel Island sponges, 243.
Brackish water ponds, with mixed sea
and fresh water fish, in Guernsey and
Jersey, 213.

Braye Harbour, Alderney, 22; boss of
porphyry there, 268.

Braye, Alderney, 21.


Braye-du-Val, Guernsey, 53; pond
near there, 213.

Breccia in caverns in Guernsey, 292.
Brechou, Isle of, 71, 84, 265; raised
beach at, 280.

Brehaut, Rev. T. C., on the training of
fruit trees, 490.

Brehou Island, near Guernsey, its fort,


Breton origin of the Channel Islands

population suggested, 325.
Breton legends, value of, 331.
Brevint, Dr., appointed to St. John's
parish, Jersey, 367.
Brick clay in Guernsey, 296.
Bricks exported from Jersey, 501.
Britany, when first so called, 314; va-
rious races inhabiting, 325.
Brown rat in some of the islands, 201.
Bryozoa of the islands, 219.
Brunechild and Childebert, their attempt
to poison St. Sampson, 318.
Buckland, Mrs., her assistance to Dr.
Bowerbank acknowledged, 243.
Buildings in Alderney, 29.
Bulbous plants in Guernsey, 490.
Bulk of individuals of the invertebrata
in Guernsey, 301.

Burhou Islands, near Alderney, de-
scribed, 31; storm petrel breeds
there, 207; leaf cutter bee at, 225.
Burons, Sark, rocks and islands, 71,
265; view of, 298.

Busk, Mr., his assistance acknowledged,

Butterflies of the Channel Islands, 226;

useful in comparing the fauna of the
islands, 300.

by, a termination common in Denmark,
333; on the Tees, 334; and in Lin-
colnshire, 335; not in the Channel
Islands, 452.


Cabbage, cow, grown in Jersey, 477.
Cabot, value of the measure so called,


Caen stone used in the parish church,
Alderney, 29.

Caer, its meaning as an affix, 312.
Cæsar, his mention of the tribes who
inhabited the mainland in his time,
310; his notice of the Druids, 419.
Cæsar, Fort, Jersey, 99.
Casarea, a name for Jersey, 312; its
derivation, 452.


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Canons of church government of Dr.
Bandinell accepted in Jersey, 367.
Cantons, division of the town parish
of Guernsey into, 520.

Carey, Mr. F., of Guernsey, his account

of the produce of Guernsey cows, 481.
Carey, P. S., Esq., Bailiff of Guernsey,
his assistance acknowledged, 519;
the first English barrister who has
held the office of bailiff, 524.
Carnuntes or Chartres, country around
alluded to by Cæsar, 418.

Carré, Mr. H. O., his garden, 491; lists

of cultivated trees and shrubs, 492,
et seq.; his remarks on aloes, 500.
Carteret, Sir George de, his influence
in Jersey, 373; made a baronet, 381.
Casquets rocks, 32; sand-stone of, 269.
Casquets middle bank, 34.

Castle Cornet, Guernsey, 39, 42; at-
tacked by the French under Evan of
Wales in the reign of Edward III.,
362; escape of the three commis-
sioners from, 377; defence of, 387;
considered useless, 390; view of, in
the time of Charles II., 391; view of
the Barbican, 479.

Catel Church, fresco in, 430.

Cats, the tailless variety found in Guern-
sey, 202.

Causes of climate in the Channel Is-
lands, 158.

Caverns of Guernsey, 46, 262; of Jer-
sey, 107; of Sark, 82, 287.
Celtic, see Keltic.

"Centeniers" of Jersey, their office, 521.
Cephalopodous molluscs of the Channel
Islands, 214.

Ceremonies, superstitious, of the early
inhabitants of the Channel Islands,

Chalk flints on the Jersey shores, 273.
Chambers of Commerce, 556.
Change, impending over the Channel
Islands, 14; of episcopal allegiance
of the islands, 365.

Changes, annual, on the shores of the
Channel Islands, 286.


Changes of climate, induced by change
of elevation of land, 159; observed
in passing from one island to ano-
ther, 162.

Channel, English, section across, 6.
Channel Islands, their geographical
position, 3; names of principal
groups, 16; summary of climate,
156; summary of flora, 198; and
fauna, 246; a good school for geo-
logy, 248; summary of their earliest
history, 349; their names absent in
the Norse sagas, 335; antiquities,
408; language, 439; agriculture, 459;
horticulture, 483; laws, 531; consti-
tution, 543; local monies, 561;
weights, 563; linear and square
measures, 565; statistics, 568.
Chapelle Mauve, Sark, 79.

Chapels, ancient, of Guernsey, list of,

Charitable institutions, 557.

Charles I. declares war against France,

Charles, Prince of Wales (1646) ar-
rives at Jersey, 378.

Charles II., address from Guernsey to,
391; second visit to Jersey, 394.
Charters, oldest, relating to neutrality,

359; royal, have the force of laws, 532.
Chartres, see CARNUNTES.
Chasse marée, account and view of this
kind of vessel, 17.

Chateau l'Etoc, Fort, 23.

Chattuarii, people so called, 343.
Chaumontel pear, cultivated in the is-
lands, 489; trade in, 507.
Chaussey Archipelago, 122; occupa-
tions of the inhabitants, 128; pub-
lished account of, 130; radiata of,
238; granite of, 505.

"Chef Plaids," or Chief Pleas of the
Royal Court, Guernsey, 529.
"Chefs de famille," ratepayers so called
in Guernsey, 520.

Cherts at Bonne Nuit Harbour, Jersey,

Chou-cavalier, or great cow cabbage of
Jersey, 477.

Cherry, cultivation of in the Channel
Islands, 486.

Childebert, King, visited by St. Samp-
son, 318.

Chlorite, its abundance in the Channel
Islands, 259.

Christianity, its first introduction into
the Channel Islands, 316, 325.

Churches, of Alderney, 29; of Guern-
sey, 40, 57; of Sark, 88; of Jersey,
119; of the islands generally, 548.
Church architecture in Alderney, 29;
in Guernsey, 57, 517; in Jersey,
119, 547.

Church arrangements, 355.

Church government in the islands, 366.
Cider made in and exported from Jersey,


Cirrhipedes of the islands, 231.
Clanque battery, Alderney, 19.
Clarke, Dr. Adam, attacked by a Guern
sey mob, 404.

Clay worked in the islands, 296.
Clay slate in Rocquaine Bay, Guernsey,
alluded to, 257.

Claystone and claystone porphyry in
Jersey, 271.

Clearness of the air, a sign of coming

change of weather in the islands, 158.
Clergy of the islands, continental in
their feelings in the reign of John,
356; falling off of their revenues
under Protestantism, 365.
Climate of the Channel Islands, 12,

132; of Guernsey, 134; of Jersey,
148; of Alderney and Sark, 155; il-
lustrated by the flora, 198.
Clonque, Alderney, see CLANQUE.
Cloud, quantity of, in Guernsey, 145
in Jersey, 151.

Club mosses or, Lycopodiacea, not in-
digenous in the Channel Islands,

Coast scenery, illustrations of, Alderney,
1, 25; Guernsey, 62, 255, 483; Sark,
81, 287, 298; Jersey, 112, 121, 289,
352, 474.

Cobo Bay, Guernsey, 51.

Coins in common circulation, 561.
Cold, extreme of, in Guernsey, 140.
Coleopterous insects of the Channel
Islands, 224.

College, Elizabeth, at Guernsey, 39,

554; Victoria, at Jersey, 95, 553.
Collings, Rev. W., account of his resi
dence in Sark, 87; is the seigneur of
Sark, 407.

Collings, Mrs. W., her assistance ac-
knowledged, 190, 218, 219, 220, 230,
231, 235, 240.

Commerce, Chamber of, 556.
Commissioners seized by the Governor
at Castle Cornet, 377.

Committees, Public, of Jersey and
Guernsey, 528.

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