A New Review: With Literary Curiosities and Literary Intelligence, Volume 3

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author, 1783


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Page 203 - Here will I hold. If there's a Power above us, — And that there is, all Nature cries aloud Through all her works, — He must delight in virtue; And that which He delights in must be happy.
Page 232 - So powerful is the current of the poet's imagination that the mind which once ventures within it is hurried irresistibly along. On the seeming improbability of Lear's conduct it may be observed that he is represented according to histories at that time vulgarly received as true. And perhaps, if we turn our thoughts upon the barbarity and ignorance of the age to which this story is referred, it will appear not so unlikely as while we estimate Lear's manners by our own. Such preference of one daughter...
Page 232 - There is no scene which does not contribute to the aggravation of the distress or conduct of the action, and scarce a line which does not conduce to the progress of the scene. So powerful is the current of the poet's imagination, that the mind which once ventures within it, is hurried irresistibly along.
Page 520 - And now, Sir, believe me when I assure you, I never did, nor ever will, on any pretence whatsoever, take more than the stated and customary fees of my office*. I might keep the contrary practice concealed from the world, were I capable of it, but I could not from myself ; and I hope I shall always fear the reproaches of my own heart more than those of all mankind.
Page 88 - Then let your well-wisher be called upon, with whom you will have less difficulty to encounter; but to torment ants and flies is unworthy of an heroic or generous mind. It is wonderful that the ministers of your government should have neglected to instruct your majesty in the rules of rectitude and honour.
Page 480 - The roof is gone : but the walls, and pillars, and abutments, which fupported it, are entire. A few of the pillars indeed have given way; and here and there, a piece of the facing of the wall: but in correfpondent parts, one always remains to tell the ftory.
Page 189 - Tantas idas Y venidas, Tantas vueltas Y revueltas, Quiero, amiga, Que me diga, ¿ Son de alguna utilidad ? Yo me afano; Mas no en vano. Sé mi oficio; Y en servicio De mi Dueño Tengo empeño De lucir mi habilidad.
Page 481 - They occupy little huts, raifed among the ruins of the monaftery ; and feem to have no employment, but begging : as if a place, once devoted to indolence, could never again become the feat of induftry.
Page 88 - In fine, the tribute you demand from the Hindoos is repugnant to justice ; it is equally foreign from good policy, as it must impoverish the country : moreover, it is an innovation and an infringement of the laws of Hindostan.
Page 481 - ... we excufe, perhaps we approve, the neatnefs that is introduced within : it may add to the beauty of the fcene ; to its novelty it undoubtedly does.

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