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J. Johnson, J. Nichols and son, R. Baldwin, F. and C. Rivington, W. Otridge and son, W.J. and J. Richardson, A. Strahan, R. Faulder, ... [and 40 others], 1808 - English essays
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Page 266 - Other men, particularly his friends, with inviolate honour, because, as Sir John Brute very justly observes, he wears a sword. By the laws of honour he is not obliged to pay his servants or his tradesmen ; for as they are a pack of scoundrels, they cannot without insolence demand their due of a gentleman : but he must punctually pay his gaming-debts to the sharpers who have cheated him; for those debts are really debts of honour.
Page 127 - The most inflammatory and intrepid fevers fly at the first discharge of Dr. James's powder ; and a drop or pill of the celebrated Mr. Ward corrects all the malignity of Pandora's box.
Page 126 - I do not put them into the account : they are to be ascribed to his power, not to his skill : he was a god, and his divinity was his nostrum. But how prodigiously have my ingenious contemporaries extended the bounds of medicine ! What nostrums, what specifics have they not discovered ! Collectively considered, they insure not only perfect health, but, by a necessary consequence, immortality; insomuch that I am...
Page 67 - ... their shoulders over the bridge that led to the town. This was so entertaining a sight that the people ran in crowds to laugh at it; till the ass, conceiving a dislike to the over-complaisance of his master, burst asunder the cords that tied him, slipt from the pole, and tumbled into the river.
Page 97 - Would to God that they had ended as they began, with our journey ! but unfortunately we have imported them all. I no longer understand, or am understood, in my family.
Page 55 - Bonario apply for intercession, upon every new offence against Felicia; but too impatient of delay, and out of humour with his advocate, he renewed his acquaintance with a court lady, called Vice, who was there upon a visit, and engaged her to solicit for him. This behaviour so enraged Felicia, that she again withdrew herself; and in the warmth of her resentment, sent up a petition to Jupiter to be recalled to heaven. Jupiter, upon this petition, called a council of the gods ; in which it was decreed,...
Page 96 - As I found that the name of Sysigambis, carrying an idea of age along with it, was offensive to my wife, I waved the parallel ; and addressing myself in common to my wife and daughter, I told them, " I perceived that there was a painter now at Paris, who coloured much higher than Rigault, though he did not paint near so like ; for that I could hardly have guessed them to be the pictures of themselves.
Page 156 - He is a considerable expense to you, and of no manner of service to me. All the English here laugh at him, he is such a prig. He thinks himself a fine gentleman, and is always plaguing me to go into foreign companies, to learn foreign languages, and to get foreign manners ; as if I were not to live and die in Old England, and as if good English acquaintance would not be much more useful to me than outlandish ones. Dear Sir, grant me this request, and you shall ever find me " Your most dutiful son,...
Page 28 - Gibber, who attempted to introduce a taste for real nature in his Caesar in Egypt, and treated the audience with real — not swans indeed, for that would have been too bold an attempt in the dawn of truth, but very personable geese.
Page xiii - To promote the circulation of these small volumes, by limiting their number to no more than six, it was thought adviseable to put a stop to the paper of the World, at a time when the demand for it greatly exceeded my expectation, and while it was the only fashionable vehicle, in which men of rank and genius chose to convey their sentiments to the public.

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